¡My First Telenovela!


FullSizeRenderHi Y’all! Recently I have watched my first true telenovela. If you’re unsure of what a telenovela is, it is basically a soap opera in Spanish. They tend to have a reputation for being slightly cheesy and overdramatic, but that is what people love about them. My best friend, Starla, used to watch Amarte es mi Pecado when she was younger. Ever since she moved to Louisiana she has not been able to find this show that she loved. Then one day she remembered the name of the show and ordered a DVD of all of the episodes. I heard a lot of hype about this show from her, so I was excited to watch it. I don’t speak Spanish so the subtitles had to be on, but it was still a very interesting show, to say the least. The actors were so dramatic and the outfits in the show were over the top, but all of that was why it was so fun to watch.