¡Growing Up Mexican!

Finding Out Who Starla Is


Starla during our trip to Mexico

This person I am about to introduce to you is one of the most important people I have ever meet. She is my best friend and she opened up my mind to a whole new part of the world. Her name is Starla Guerra. Starla was born and raised until the age of 12 in Carroll County, Mississippi. She was raised by her aunt and uncle. Her uncle was a full blooded Mexican and her aunt was half Mexican. So, she was very much raised in the Mexican culture from food to religion to her values.

I was particularly interested in what Starla remembers about her relationship with food from her childhood, specifically Mexican food. To get a little background on Starla I asked what her earliest memory was in relation to food. She then told me about her and her relationship with her beloved childhood food, tamales. Starla told me that she remembers that every Sunday after church all of her family would get together at her aunt’s house and they cooked all kinds of Mexican foods. She loved tamales and she remembers always holding two tamales, one in each hand and would take a bite out of one then the other. All night she would eat tamales while her and her family spent time together enjoying great, authentic Mexican food.

Bad Beans

Slim Pickin’s Growing Up

Starla continued to tell me about her childhood and what she typically ate. She remembers always eating Mexican food all the time. Her family never went out to eat. They always had home cooked meals. For example, she had never had McDonald’s until she was about eight or nine years old. As Starla says, she believes all of this formed how she eats even today. Of course, she still loves her traditional Mexican food, but because she was so restricted as a child to what she could eat she really enjoys going out and trying new things now that she is almost 19 years old.

Taking a Trip to Mexico

For Starla’s senior trip, after graduating from high school, we went to Mexico! These are a few picture from our trip and of course, we both loved Cozumel, Mexico. 

Friends and Family 

My family is also really close to Starla, so I asked my mom how she thinks her childhood affects who she is today. She said, “Starla is the life of the party. She outgoing and energetic all the time and I think that comes from always having such a lively family.” Starla and I have a mutual friend, Lauren, and I asked her the same question and her response was, “She’s a very open and that is what I like about her. And most likely that stems from her childhood.” Starla is a big influence on my life and this is just a little snippet from her past which made her the person who she is today.